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    • calendar October 04, 2019

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      Comarket has the best service in Estonia`s grocery stores

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      AbeStock buys Sales-Star’s wholesale business

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    • August

      Surfstock releases new website ahead of SurfStock Festival

      Surfstock release new social networking website and looks to become UK’s premier online surfing destination.

      The MAMA Group Plc  is to launch the new social media charged website for Surfstock, ahead of the annual Surfstock Festival this weekend (29 to 30 August 2008).

      The new Surfstock website, built by content management software specialists Modera, aims to become the premier online destination for all surfing related news throughout the UK.

      Festival-goers can visit the new Surfstock website to get information and update on the programme and the all important surfing and weather updates.  Weather updates are also able to be plugged in to users own websites, blogs and social networking sites through the use of a weather-widget.

      Alec Short, festival director at Surfstock explains, “The new Surfstock website has been built by Modera in such a way that it creates longevity far beyond the two-day festival.  Surfstock.co.uk will continue to grow after the festival, and will serve as the place to go for updates on what’s going on in surfing within the country. ”

      The Surfstock was project managed by management company Million Media and features ‘The Green Room,’ a community section named after the feeling a surfer gets when they’re in the middle of a “Tube”, developed by New Visions Media.

      Neil Cartwright, managing director at Million Media comments, “Through permanent features such as Beaches, Surfcast, Events, Surf Awards and The Green Room where they can interact with other likeminded surfers, both casual and professional surfers will now be able to have up to date and dedicated information that’s important for them.”

      The Surfstock Festival, which is held in Cornwall and has been running since 2003, will feature popular bands such as Alphabeat, The Gossip and The Heavy. Surfstock festival tickets are able to purchase directly from the website, along with casting their vote for their favourite ‘Local Hero’ band ahead of the festival.

      “Surfstock also features other popular social networking elements such as YouTube videos and RSS feeds so users can be kept abreast of all updated information as and when it happens.  A Surfstock Radio provided through last.fm will also be added to the site,” says Siim Vips, chief executive officer at Modera.