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    • calendar July 29, 2020

      Modera Infra becomes Merada

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    • calendar June 08, 2020

      ABC Grupp AS and Selver finished the ABC Supermarkets shares transaction

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    • calendar October 04, 2019

      First two Comarket stores now have self-checkout machines

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    • July

      Modera Infra becomes Merada

      ABC Grupp`s IT firm Modera Infras new business name is Merada.

      Merada comes from the words “Me” (est. “We” or “Our”) and “Rada” (est. “Path”. Merada means “Our path”.
      “We” refers to the customer and Merada. The two sides form a unified result oriented team or tandem what indicates the word “we”.
      “Path” is the route to which Merada takes the customer. It is a common journey by the end of which the client ultimately reaches his goals. Thus, the “Path” marks the journey to the result of the project.

      Find more about Merada: www.merada.ee

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