• Introduction
  • Mission
  • History
  • Main values
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Introducing Abc Grupp

ABC Grupi AS is one of the largest consolidated groups with Estonian capital, uniting trade enterprises, and its eight enterprises provide jobs for 500 people. The most well-known enterprises of the group are AbeStock AS, ABC Motors AS and ABC Supermarkets AS in wholesale, car distribution and retail areas.

In 2018, the turnover of the group was 126 million of EUR.  The quality management standards of the group conform to the requirements of the standard ISO 9001.

The group gets stable business revenues from three main fields of activities and plans to steadily increase its market shares in Estonia providing a well-structured platform for investments, development and new ventures.

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Mission Abc Grupp

Our goal is to develop a smart organisation consisting of tens of companies with hundreds of motivated and developing employees who can achieve what seems impossible to achieve at first.

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History of ABC Grupp

The owner of ABC Grupi AS established the first company on 27.02.1987, and it was one of the first three private enterprises in Estonia. The first trade enterprise AS Vend was established in 1991, then Abestock AS was established (1992), Eesti Forekspank followed (1993), and finally ABC Supermarkets AS (2000) and ABC Motors AS were established (2002).

From 1987 25 companies have started their operations in the business group and many of them are still successfully operating in the areas of banking, retail trade, wholesale trade, logistics, car trade, car rent, IT, real estate and advertising.

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Main values of ABC Grupp


We are honest towards our customers, colleagues and the company.
We take responsibility and we understand our mistakes.
We are open.
We always tell the truth.


We respect our customers, colleagues and the company.
We value each other’s thoughts and ideas.
We co-operate with our colleagues and partners.
We believe that respect is a prerequisite for co-operation.


We satisfy the needs of our customers, at the same time earning profit for the company.
Our goals are supporting the company’s goals.
We want to work efficiently.
We wish to learn and develop ourselves continually together with the company.
We want to be the best.