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    • calendar October 04, 2019

      First two Comarket stores now have self-checkout machines

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    • calendar July 24, 2019

      Comarket has the best service in Estonia`s grocery stores

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    • calendar June 27, 2019

      AbeStock buys Sales-Star’s wholesale business

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    • September

      Comarket AS is now ABC Supermarkets AS

      Comarket AS changed its name. The company is now called ABC Supermarkets AS. Comarket AS has reached the next stage in its development and will be operating in the retail market… Read More

    • April

      Health days begin in Comarket!

      On April 15, Comarket will launch a campaign called “Health to the people” that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle. The goal of the campaign is to direct people’s attention… Read More

    • November

      Comarket’s executive director: we focus on campaigns

      Comarket’s turnover has grown by 20 percent compared to last year. Customer preferences have undergone changes. “More expensive and higher quality goods have been replaced by cheaper goods,” Comarket’s executive… Read More

    • August

      Modera to manage The MAMA Group Plc portfolio of websites

      Founded in 2002, The MAMA Group Plc is a public company focussed on music and media businesses and has tasked Modera for the development and management of 16 of its… Read More