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    • calendar October 04, 2019

      First two Comarket stores now have self-checkout machines

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    • calendar July 24, 2019

      Comarket has the best service in Estonia`s grocery stores

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    • calendar June 27, 2019

      AbeStock buys Sales-Star’s wholesale business

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    • November

      Comarket’s executive director: we focus on campaigns

      Comarket’s turnover has grown by 20 percent compared to last year.

      Customer preferences have undergone changes. “More expensive and higher quality goods have been replaced by cheaper goods,” Comarket’s executive director Ando Nõupuu told to arileht.ee.

      Compared to last year’s period, demand has shrunk mainly in the sale of hard sausages (-14%) and hams (-3%).

      ”Average sales prices have also grown by approximately 14% for hard sausages and 6% for hams compared to last year,” said Nõupuu.

      Sales in frankfurters and cooked sausages have grown significantly, however, which indicates that the consumer is looking for low prices.

      Demand for cakes and rolls is lower, but sales in baking materials have increased. “People probably bake more at home,” observed Nõupuu.

      Price rises fueled by excise duty increases have resulted in a tangible loss of demand for alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.

      Nõupuu says that while the economy cools, Comarket will mainly focus on active sales through campaigns, increasing efficiency and savings.

      “There will be no compromises in quality. The goal is to be the most favourite nearby store,” declared Nõupuu.